Digital menu for hotels

Make room service a great experience with our digital menu. Hotel guests can easily order room service with their own smartphone in a matter of a couple of clicks.

Dishes really come to live by using photos, videos and clear product descriptions. Smart cross and up sell functionality will help increase the average order value.

The design of the menu is easily adaptable and will fit with your restaurant of bar concept.

Extra functionality

You can do more than uploading photos, videos and product descriptions of your dishes. For example, show from which region your products are coming from or tell your customers how to prepare a particular dish. This will give the extra experience your customers are looking for.

Other functionalities like things to see in the area or a bit or history about your restaurant or bar will add up to that experience.


digital menu will increase customer experience

How it works?

Our digital menu works fully on the smartphone of your guests. No installation by the customer is required. Your guest can enter the digital menu by logging in to the Wifi network.

Our system doesn’t need further integration with current checkout systems and can be easily installed in a couple of clicks.

Managing menus and dishes

You can manage the digital menu easily through our admin system. Adding, editing or deleting menus and dishes is done in a matter of a couple of clicks. With our system you can assign different roles to different users.

E.g. the receptionist has different access rights and available functionalities than your operational manager.


We have different monthly subscriptions on our services based on the chosen functionalities. You can cancel our services every month and without any additional costs.

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